Loss of Balance - Disorientation - Instability

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"“Vertigo is Dizziness Brought on by Sensory Overload That De-stabilizes Brain Function"

"Sensory Overload is Stress"

Our Point of View

Expose the brain to TOO much sensory loading and you will de-stabilize the brain by triggering sensory overload. Vertigo is stress disguised as dizziness. Persistent stress usually leads to disruption of good sleep performance. Poor sleep is a stressor that can lead to mental fatigue and persistent poor sleep performance. Visual sensory loading plays a significant role in sensory overload as the visual sense dominates up to 80% of the brain’s functional capacity. The vestibular system (inner ear) regulates balance and can be overloaded with TOO much information at any given time. Good stress management skills, relaxation skills and ability to calm oneself are needed.

Our Lesson Plan

Tutor these stressed brains to learn to be efficient during the day and the brains will build up the mental energy reserves necessary to support good stress management and quality sleep performance. Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that can teach these brains to function efficiently. As these brains begin to learn to use mental energy wisely, they begin to perform sleep better and soon discover more ability to be refreshed, vitalized and perform effectively and successfully. Mental vigor is reinstated and ability to manage stress is improved, lowering the stress response. Stability in brain function improves.

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