Tantrums / Meltdowns

Frustration • Anger • Bad Behavior

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"Good Mental Energy Reserves Provide Stable Brain Function."

"Stable Brains Function More Efficiently"

"Efficient Brains Have Better Control Over Stress"

Our Point of View

Mental energy reserves in the brain fluctuate from good to bad throughout the day. Energy wasteful brain performance triggers fluctuation. Energy wasting brains regularly and routinely experience mental fatigue. Mental fatigue means energy supply shortage. Low energy reserves take away the individual brain’s ability to maintain control over agitation, irritability, mood stability and stress. Tantrums/meltdowns, fits of anger, and mood swings all indicate that mental energy levels are too low to support control. Outbursts are triggered indicating that the stress and tension have diminished control. Time outs and other strategies that isolate individual brains are about giving the brain time to build and/or restore mental energy levels.

Our Lesson Plan

Tutor these energy wasting brains, to learn to be efficient during the day and the brains will build up the mental energy reserves necessary to support good quality sleep performance. Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that can teach these brain to function efficiently. Brains learn to use mental energy without wasting it. Brains are then able to sleep better and soon discover more ability to maintain control over stress. Compliance, cooperation and improved behavior are now easily available and consistent.

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