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"Mental Fatigue Leads to Wasteful Mental Energy Usage."

"Good Sleep Is Needed To Restore Mental Energy Reserves"

"Waking Refreshed Means Sleep Was Good!"

Our Point of View

Obsessions and compulsive brain activities are fueled by concern about anything and everything that the brain sees as a barrier or threat to success. The concern is about the anxiety or the busy-ness of a brain that is worried. Worried, concerned or anxious brains, burn through mental energy reserves at a rate that is wasteful and unnecessary. The wasteful action of concern drains energy to the point that the brain experiences mental fatigue. The mental fatigue ruins any chance for good sleep performance. Poor sleep brought on by obsessions or excessive worry cause an individual brain to wake tired and unprepared for the demands of the day. When the fatigue increases sufficiently the brain loses the regulatory control over obsessions and worry. Tourettes is an example of how mental function is hampered by mental fatigue. The mental fatigue cycle needs to be broken.

Our Lesson Plan

Tutor these brains to learn to be efficient during the day and the brains will build up the mental energy reserves necessary to support good quality sleep performance. Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that can teach these brains to function efficiently. Brains learn to use mental energy wisely, they begin to sleep better and soon discover more ability to stay focused and perform more effectively and successfully. Obsessions and worry are managed effectively and successfully!

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