Low Self Esteem

Poor Performance - Repeated Failure

Insights • Answers • Understanding

"We Judge our Worth by How well or How Poorly We Perform"

"Mentally Fatigued Brains Perform Poorly"

"Fatigued Brains Waste Energy, and Sleep Poorly"

Our Point of View

Brains have the amazing ability to recognize when they are doing well and meeting success criteria. The brain uses both criticism and praise as a way to set worth and grade our self-esteem. Infant brains, even before developing language ability, are able to judge their performance by monitoring the tone of parents, teachers and caregivers that interact with them. The brain has, as it were, an accounting system that counts the number of times per day that we receive both praise and criticism. If praise exceeds criticism as a trend our self-esteem rises. If criticism out performs praise as a trend then our self-esteem drops and we value ourselves less. The praise / criticism accounting activity is a life long process that integrates and updates each night during sleep.

Our Lesson Plan

Tutor these criticized brains to learn to be efficient during the day and the brains will build up the mental energy reserves necessary to support good quality sleep performance. Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that can teach these brains to function efficiently. As they begin to learn to use mental energy wisely, they begin to sleep better and soon discover more ability to stay focused and perform more effectively and successfully. Overall performance of the brain improves. Praise from others and ourselves rises and begins to outweigh criticism. Self-esteem rises with success!

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