Emotional Reactivity

Hypersensitivity - Mental Fatigue

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"Reactive Brains are Brains that are Mentally Fatigued"

"You Know What Needs to be done, But your Mood Won’t Stay Stable"

"You just Want to Feel calm and Energized"

Our Point of View

You live with anxiety. You find yourself having mood swings. You are agitated, irritable, frustrated, impatient, angry, aggressive and difficult to soothe. Satisfaction in life is elusive and you sleep poorly and wake tired. You seek out ways to soothe yourself with food and other substances in an attempt to calm down and feel rested and ready for life. We know that your brain is the organ that controls your emotional reactivity and we think that your trouble is being caused by poor sleep and the mental fatigue that results. If you just had the mental energy you could do what was necessary to make the most of your circumstances, but instead you are fatigued, discouraged and beginning to feel hopeless and sad.

Our Lesson Plan

Tutor these highly reactive brains to learn to be efficient during the day and the brains will build up the mental energy reserves necessary to support good quality sleep performance. Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that can teach these brains to function efficiently. As they begin to learn to use mental energy wisely, they begin to sleep better and soon discover more ability to stay focused and perform more effectively and successfully. Control is back! Things don’t get to you like they used to. You even experience patience and mental vigor. Your sleep is really good.

"Start Training And Begin Your Journey of Success And Joy Through Improved Mental Energy"

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